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Business Meeting in Hong Kong †Free Sample Available

Question: Situation: A business bunch from another nation has offered to buy an establishment of Sandwich Blitz. Dalman and Lei are extremely intrigued and very energized for this open door for their business to enter the serious universal commercial center. A gathering has been orchestrated between Dalman, Lei, and three agents from the business gathering to talk about the subtleties of the proposed establishment. Dalman and Lei have consented to venture out to the business bunches nation for the gathering. They understand this is a significant gathering since it includes organizing with key people who will intensely impact the result of this endeavor to grow the business. They additionally understand that the qualities and standards in the other nation might be totally different from their own. For the motivations behind this Discussion, pick a nation other than your own and direct an online hunt to find out about the social standards, business and meeting practices, and qualities in the nation that you select. (Refer to your outside sources.) Preceding the gathering, what are a few things that Dalman and Lei need to think about the other nation and the business gathering with the goal that they can build up and keep up a decent compatibility and make the best of this chance to grow Sandwich Blitz into the worldwide commercial center? Incorporate data about welcome customs and nonverbal conduct as they apply to the convention for Dalman and Leis meeting with the gathering. Answer: Conference in Hong Kong This gathering in Hong Kong is the most behavior structure that gives a base to nail a business bargain. In this gathering there are numerous motions through welcome each other and numerous kinds of non-verbal interchanges that are considered as a sentiment of regard and appreciation. These fundamental motions that should be followed in the gathering of Sandwich Blitz are to take arrangements in earlier much before the gathering (Dobsons, Richard (2010). Along these lines once the gathering is fixed the agents must show their business cards and these business cards are to be composed on both the sides is liked and ought to be written in both the dialects that are English and Chinese. There is additionally specific clothing that the business representatives should deal with, for example, the men ought to be wearing for the most part dim shades. There are hardly any close to home motions that likewise have been found in these gatherings like the manner in which they welcome each other by bowing down which is required among the Chinese. In spite of the fact that the other remote agents are ignorant about these signals however they invite it with deference (Fox, Sue (2007). Likewise there are numerous things that should be considered before beginning a gathering, for example Dalman and Lei must know about all the data with respect to Sandwich Blitz however since Lei doesn't know about hardly any things it could cause a little bother in the progression of the gathering. The desk work ought to be done before initiating the gathering or, more than likely it would give a negative disposition about the individuals accountable for the gathering (Zhou, Cathy (2010). Likewise the non-verbal communication of the customers must be generally excellent in light of the fact that the greater part of the choices made in business are incredibly affected by the motions of the customers during the whole gathering. References Dobsons, Richard. China Cycle,p. 20. 2006. 8 Feb 2010.Fox, Sue. Section 19: On the Go: Travel Manners for Land, Sea, and Air . Etiquette for Dummies (2007): 319. Web. 21 Jan 2010. Zhou, Cathy. Chinese Etiquette and Culture, p. 26. 2005. Gotten to 21 Jan 2010.

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Chinese-Americans and the Transcontinental Railroad

Chinese-Americans and the Transcontinental Railroad The Transcontinental Railroad was a fantasy of a nation set on the idea of Manifest Destiny. In 1869, the fantasy was made a reality at Promontory Point, Utah with the association of two railroad lines. The Union Pacific started development of their rail in Omaha, Nebraska progressing in the direction of the west. The Central Pacific started in Sacramento, California progressing in the direction of the East. The Transcontinental Railroad was a dream of a nation however was incorporated by the Big Four: Collis P. Huntington, Charles Cocker, Leland Stanford, and Mark Hopkins. Advantages of the Transcontinental Railroad The advantages of this railroad were gigantic for the nation and the organizations in question. The railroad organizations got somewhere in the range of 16,000 and 48,000 for every mile of track in land awards and sponsorships. The country increased a fast section from east to west. A trek that used to take four to a half year could be cultivated in six days. Be that as it may, this incredible American achievement couldn't have been accomplished without the phenomenal exertion of Chinese-Americans. The Central Pacific understood the huge undertaking in front of them in the development of the railroad. They needed to cross the Sierra Mountains with a grade of 7,000 feet over just a 100-mile range. The main answer for the overwhelming undertaking was a lot of labor, which immediately ended up being hard to come by. Chinese-Americans and the Building of the Railroadâ The Central Pacific went to the Chinese-American people group as a wellspring of work. Initially, many scrutinized the capacity of these men that arrived at the midpoint of 4 10 and just gauged 120 lbs. to accomplish the work vital. Be that as it may, their difficult work and capacities immediately eased any apprehensions. Truth be told, at the hour of finishing, most by far of laborers from the Central Pacific were Chinese. The Chinese worked under difficult and deceptive conditions for less cash than their white partners. Indeed, while the white laborers were given their month to month pay (about $35) and food and haven, the Chinese settlers got just their compensation (about $26-35). They needed to give their own food and tents. The railroad laborers impacted and scratched their way through the Sierra Mountains at incredible hazard to their lives. They utilized explosive and hand devices while hanging over the sides of precipices and mountains. Tragically, the impacting was not by any means the only drawback they needed to survive. The laborers needed to bear the extraordinary cold of the mountain and afterward the outrageous warmth of the desert. These men merit a lot of credit for achieving an assignment many accepted incomprehensible. They were perceived toward the finish of the challenging assignment with the respect of laying the last rail. In any case, this little token of regard could not hope to compare to the achievement and the future ills they were going to get. Bias Increased After the Completion of the Railroad There had consistently been a lot of partiality towards the Chinese-Americans yet after the fruition of the Transcontinental Railroad, it just turned out to be more awful. This partiality went to a crescendo as the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which suspended movement for a long time. Throughout the following decade, it was passed again and in the end, the Act was restored uncertainly in 1902, in this manner suspending Chinese movement. Besides, California ordered various oppressive laws including exceptional duties and isolation. Applause for the Chinese-Americans is long past due. The administration in the course of the most recent few decades is starting to perceive the huge accomplishments of this significant portion of the American populace. These Chinese-Americans railroad laborers assisted with satisfying the fantasy of a country and were essential in the improvement of America. Their aptitude and determination have the right to be perceived as an achievement that changed a country.

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Skipping a Bill Payment This Month Think Again

Skipping a  Bill Payment  This Month Think Again Skipping a  Bill Payment  This Month? Think Again Skipping a  Bill Payment  This Month? Think AgainOne negative mark or past due bill payment on your credit report can take years to repair.If you’re juggling bills come the end of the month (or the beginning), it can be tempting to let one of them slip on by. Sure, you’ll pay a  late fee. But that’s a price you may be happy and willing to pay!  Unfortunately, skipping a  bill payment   or making a  late payment  can result in a much heftier price tag than initially meets the eye..Here’s the truth: While there are a  number of actions that can tank your credit score, one  late payment  on your  credit report  could end up impacting your  credit score  for years to come. Unfortunately,when it comes to  credit scores, the effects of negative behavior far outweigh the effects of good behavior â€" and that damage can take quite a long time to fix.How do  credit scores  work?Credit scores  are like a letter grade for your trustworthiness as a borrower. They are based on the inform ation contained in your  credit reports, which track your history as a credit user  during a seven-year-time period. You have three different  credit reports, one each from the three  major  credit  bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.The original  credit score  â€" the  FICO  score â€" was created by Fair, Isaac and Company and  debuted in 1989.  FICO  scores are based on a scale from 300 to 850. The  higher your  FICO  score, the better your credit. While there are other competitors â€" notably  VantageScore  â€"  FICO  scores are still the most commonly used type of  credit score  out there.While the exact formula for creating  FICO  scores is a closely-guarded secret â€" and evolves over time â€" the general scoring system goes like this:Payment history  (35%): Paying your bills on time is important. In fact, your  payment history  is the single most important factor in your score.Amounts owed (30%): The more debt you owe â€" especially  unsecured consumer debt  â€" the m ore likely that you will have trouble making all your payments.Length of credit history (15%): The longer you’ve been responsibly using credit, the better.Credit mix (10%): The more diverse your mix â€" personal loans versus  credit cards  versus auto loans versus  student loans, etc. â€" the better.Recent credit inquiries (10%): Requests for additional credit resulting in hard credit pulls, can be a sign that’s something amiss â€" especially if there are many requests in a shorter period of time.Your  credit reports  contain a ton of different information drawn from lenders,  landlords, some  utility companies, and even from the public record. Some of that information can help your score, while other information can hurt it. But even if you have a ton of “good” marks on your credit, a few  â€œbad” marks can hurt your credit  for years to come.Negative credit info positive credit info“Your  credit score  is affected by a variety of factors both positive and negative,” explained CPA Logan Allec, owner of  personal finance  site  Money Done Right. “A positive factor would be an open  credit card  that is actively used and always paid off on time. A negative factor would be a  credit card  that has a missed payment.”Unfortunately, a negative factor can have a longer lasting impact that a positive factor, he says.If that doesn’t seem fair, well, it helps to examine things from the opposite perspective.One way to think about the impact of a negative factor is to recognize the purpose of a credit score. “At its core,” Allec said, “a credit score is designed to show banks and lending institutions whether or not you are likely to pay your debts.Your credit history is sort of like your driving record. A single mistake can easily outweigh years of impeccable  behavior. e. Paying your bills on time, making all of your  monthly payments, and monitoring your debt loads can take some diligence â€"  true â€" but that diligence is exactly the kind of behavior that traditional lenders are looking for in potential customers.How long before your  credit  score  recovers?“Unfortunately, even though a  credit score  can be hit by a simple missed payment, it can take significant time to raise your  credit score  as you demonstrate your creditworthiness,” Allec said.And “significant time” doesn’t mean a matter of months. It means years. Smaller negative marks like a new credit inquiry or two will stop affecting your score within a year (at most), but more serious bad marks like bankruptcies could affect your score for well more than half a decade. In fact, bankruptcies stay on your report longer than most information: 10 years!Still, there are no easy fixes to improve a  bad  credit  score, although there are  some programs  and services out there that may be able to help. However, consistently paying your bills on time is the best way.“The key tip for increasing your  credit score  is to never miss a payment,” Allec said. “Some practical tips to make sure you never miss a payment are to set calendar alerts on your phone to remind yourself to pay off your card every month or set up automatic card payments if your bank allows it.”As you continue to make your payments on time and reduce your debt loads â€" ideally to zero, but below 30% of your open credit limits will do just fine â€" the effects of negative marks will start to fade and the amount of positive information on your account will increase.But before you decide to miss your  due date  or skip out on one of your bills altogether this month, take a second to think through the long term consequences. By opting to not pay that bill now, you could end up paying way more in  higher  interest  rates  and fees in the years to come.ContributorsLogan Allec is a CPA and owner of the personal finance website Money Done Right. After spending his twenties grinding it out in the corporate world and paying off more than $35,000 in student loans, he dropped everything, and in 2017, launched Money Done Right. His mission is to help everybody â€" from college students to retirees â€" make, save, and invest more money. He resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife Caroline. Follow him on Twitter @moneydoneright.

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Revenge In Hamlet Essay example - 1535 Words

What do you consider to the main theme(s) of Hamlet? Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a complex play where many themes are intertwined – themes that are essential to the development of the play. The issue of death and disease, both physical and emotional is very prevalent throughout the duration of the play, as well as fate and divine providence. The play also questions madness and whether it can be feigned, as well as corruption and its moral implications. Of course, who could forget the famous ‘To be or not to be’ soliloquy, where Hamlet not only questions life and death, but many of life’s other uncertainties as well. Undoubtedly, the most essential theme in the development of Hamlet is revenge and question ‘Does revenge pay?’ Revenge is†¦show more content†¦Following the King’s outburst after watching the performance, Hamlet confronted his mother and began to insult her infidelity to her dead husband. Meanwhile, Polonius, a faithful member of the King’s council, was hiding behind a decorate rug that was adorning the wall in Gertrude’s room. Hamlet sensed his presence and thinking that it was Claudius, plunged his dagger through the rug. This causes much grief and sadness for many people. During this period, Hamlet treats his ‘girlfriend’ Ophelia (Polonius’ daughter) in a shocking manner, calling her a whore and denying her his love. This, coupled with her father’s death causes her to go mad and eventually commit suicide. This was a particularly sad death because Ophelia was just an innocent bystander in a cruel plot for revenge. Also hurt was Laertes (Polonius’ son). Laertes believes that it was the king that killed his father, but the king quickly puts Laertes on Hamlets trail and pushes him to avenge his fathers murder. From this point on, Hamlet and Laertes become the main characters in the play - two characters driven by revenge. Meanwhile, Hamlet is still talking about all his plans for revenge. During act 2, Hamlet realises his acts of revenge so far have been through word rather than deed. â€Å"O, vengeance! Why, what an ass am I! This is most brave, That I, the son of a dear father murder’d, Prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell, Must,Show MoreRelatedRevenge in Hamlet1070 Words   |  5 Pagesmost tragic story lines of Shakespeare’s plays, Hamlet is definitely one of them. In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Fortinbras, Hamlet and Laertes each demonstrate the ways revenge leads to tragedy when they are unable to cope with the loss of a loved one. Young Fortinbras has intentions of honoring his father’s loss by gaining the territory that was rightfully theirs. The lengths he is willing to go compare to Hamlet’s determination to seek revenge upon his uncle, and father’s murderer, ClaudiusRead MoreEssay on Revenge in Hamlet912 Words   |  4 Pageslanguage. Shakespeare wrote hundreds of pieces, from sonnets to plays. Hamlet is one of his most well-known plays. There isn’t any shortage of revenge in Hamlet, and so that is the theme we’ll be discussing. Hamlet and Laertes are the most obvious character with revenge in their minds, and that’s who we’ll be focusing on throughout the essay. Two months before the beginning of the play, the King Hamlet dies. The King shows himself to two guards, Barnardo and Francisco, atRead MoreTheme Of Revenge In Hamlet1763 Words   |  8 PagesRevenge is one of the deepest instincts common to humanity. Different people emit different purposes of revenge and are most likely filled with an internal confliction of emotions. Once that individual gets his/her revenge, a feeling of justice is established in the mind. Unfortunately, many people blindly take revenge without thinking of their actions or the consequences and believe that they will be able to move on after they take revenge. Revenge is ultimately placed in the hands of the impatientRead MoreRevenge Themes in Hamlet1077 Words   |  5 PagesIn the play ‘Hamlet written by William Shakespeare in Elizabethan times, the theme of revenge is a constant throughout the plot. Not only does it underlie almost every scene, but it also has a major effect on the story as a whole. Two of the main revenge plots within the play are Hamlets aim to avenge his father by killing his uncle, the king Claudius, and Laertes aim to avenge the murder of his father by killing Hamlet. These two revenge plots play a major role in presenting to the audience theRead MoreRevenge In Hamlet Essay1900 Words   |  8 PagesHamlet is visited by his father’s ghost who ultimately gives him the task of enacting revenge upon Claudius, but because of his suppressed resentment he clashes with the idea of achieving retribution for his father. In addition â€Å"Sigmund Freud, in a letter to Wilhelm Fliess, announced that he had found in his own development all the symptoms of the Oedipus complex and that he was coming to consider â€Å"love of the mother and jealousy of the father† (Faber pg. 79). Hamlets impulsive actions seem to beRead MoreTheme Of Revenge In Hamlet792 Words   |  4 PagesRevenge is something most people seek when they are hurt by someone or a loved one of theirs is hurt. Revenge can be a physical or verbal action toward someone. In William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the play has a major theme of revenge. Many of the characters in the play are seeking revenge, such as Hamlet, Claudius, and Laertes. Some of the characters are seeking revenge due to their father’s deaths, and others are encouraging someone to seek revenge. The theme revenge can lead to death is seenRead More Revenge In Hamlet Essay1109 Words   |  5 Pages Hamlet nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Hamlet is a classic example of a tragedy as Hamlet suffers while trying to avenge his fathers death and eventually dies at the end while attempting to do so. Hamlet feels empty without resolution to his fatheramp;#8217;s death and since there is no justice system that is going to reveal the truth about his fatheramp;#8217;s death, he must take it into his own hands. Hamlet delays killing Claudius for a long time after the ghost appears. Hamlet delays hisRead MoreRevenge And Justice In Hamlet968 Words   |  4 Pagessaid, â€Å"Revenge is the act of passion, vengeance is an act of justice.† Many people seek revenge and try to disguise it as justice. Revenge can either be justifiable or unjustifiable based on the circumstances of the offense. Someone’s vengeance can be the establishment of justice, but revenge is not always justice. Revenge is defined as the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their han ds (Webster Dictionary). Justice is based on actions while revenge is basedRead MoreRevenge in Hamlet Essay1152 Words   |  5 PagesIn his play Hamlet, William Shakespeare frequently utilizes the word â€Å"revenge† and images associated with this word in order to illustrate the idea that the pursuit of revenge has caused the downfall of many people. He builds up the idea that revenge causes people to act recklessly through anger rather than reason. In Hamlet, Fortinbras, Laertes and Hamlet all seek to avenge the deaths of their fathers. Hamlet and Laertes manage to avenge their father’s deaths and in doing so, both rely more on theirRead MoreEssay On Revenge In Hamlet723 Words   |  3 Pages Hamlet essay â€Å"An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth† is a widely known statement referring to revenge, though many don’t know the origins of the saying. The thing is, however, is it truly that simple? Or does revenge cause more problems than it solves? In the case of the play Hamlet, written by Shakespeare in the sixteenth century, it could be argued that it changes the way that people would look at revenge and put a spotlight on its complexities. In Hamlets quest for revenge for his father’s

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Edward J. Larson´s Summer for the Gods The Scopes Trial...

Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and Americas Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion concentrates on the Scopes trial, otherwise called the Monkey Trial, which happened in Dayton, Tennessee in the mid year of 1925. The trial occurred in excess of a Tennessee law that banned the educating of human development out in the open schools. The American Civil Liberties Union needed to test the law, and a junior instructor named John Scopes, consented to help them. The alleged trial of the century united the well known government official and speaker, William Jennings Bryan, who headed the opposition to development campaign; and Clarence Darrow, who was viewed as the best criminal protection legal advisor of the time. The two men, plus their individual direction, clashed in the trail with the indictment in the end ready to maintain the law. In the first segment of the book, Larson lays the basis for the trial by analyzing the socio-political connection in the United States throughout this time. While development and religion had coincided generally concordantly throughout the mid nineteenth century, more fossil findings, the ascent of religious fundamentalism, and expanded participation in broad daylight secondary schools affected the ascent of the opposition to advancement development in the United States. The development, headed by William Jennings Bryan, contended that advancement speculations were risky and ought not be taught inside the general population schoolShow MoreRelatedHumans s Views On The Evolution Of The World And The Life That Inhabits It1869 Words   |  8 Pages THESIS: Humans who believe in creationism are usually resistant to the views of scientists on the development of the world and the life that inhabits it, but their views continue to be challenged by the empirical evidence of biology and science. This bringing attention to the question, will resistance toward evolution ever let up? OUTLINE: I. Introduction II. Creationism A. Definition of Creationism 1. Opposed to evolution a. Charles Darwin 2. Protection of Beliefs b. CurriculumRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesManaging the team 9.3.2 Team building activities 9.2.4 Virtual teams Team performance [] Conflict management Recognition and awards Defining the Project 4.1 Project charter 5.1 Gather requirements 5.2 Defining scope 5.3 Creating a WBS 5.4 Tools and techniques 6.1 Define activities 9.1.2. Responsibility matrixes 10.1 Communication planning (.2.3.4) [App. G-4] Chapter 12 Outsourcing 12.1.1 Procurement requirements [G.8] Contract types ConflictRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your request to 201-236-3290. Many of the designations by manufacturersRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesbuilt-in pretests and posttests, focus on what you need to learn and to review in order to succeed. Visit www.mymanagementlab.com to learn more. DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT SKILLS EIGHTH EDITION David A. Whetten BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Kim S. Cameron UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore

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The Self in a Social World Free Essays

L. I am but a mass of tanned skin, black-brown hair, intimidating eyes, relatively normal features, and limbs and extremities of regular length stuck onto a body of less than average height with a slight belly to match. I have never seen myself as physically fit, exactly, nor do I see myself as someone head-turning gorgeous like a lot of my friends are. We will write a custom essay sample on The Self in a Social World or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are a lot of things about me that I want to desperately change in a physical sense, because really, I am nothing above typical. Regular mood swings are a norm for me, hormonal imbalance or none, though I ant say I’m emotionally unstable. You might say I’m sensitive; I’m easily touched, easily ticked off, easily pleased, easily hurt. I tend to be intense and extreme with my emotions, and very vocal about it too. Without a venting outlet, my emotions may be easily displaced. My mood is often dangerous and difficult to control, like wildfire. Sometimes, I think of myself as a mirror; how I behave depends on the people I’m with. If he’s the shy type, I’m the shy type. If she’s bubbly and talkative, then that’s me as well. The only time this doesn’t work is when the person I’m with is a loud and obnoxious ass. Normally when there are plenty of people I don’t know, be it walking around the Magic complex or sitting in a classroom full of people I don’t know, I’m very guarded and conscious of my actions, making me look cold and quiet sometimes. This stems from my intense fear of public embarrassment, I think. But once Vie settled in a little niche, especially with the people who are close to me, the loud, wild and sometimes shameless little monster inside of me comes out with a vengeance. He. I’m not exactly a socially-awkward person, nor am I totally socially-adept. I’m either mainstream nor hipster, trendsetter nor wallflower either. Truth is, I’m really just somewhere in between all that. And I like where I am. I’m not the type to be easily swayed by new trends, habits, practices and opinions, sans political opinions because I am so pathetically apathetic on those matters. Only in recent years have I begun to be as friendly and cordial as I can to new people I meet. I often try to keep my mood and behavior in check when I’m with my friends as well, because even though they know about it, I don’t want to show them the ugly side of me that I only how myself. Now, even if I didn’t graduate as the class valedictorian and simply made it with a humble Honorable Mention medal, that hasn’t stopped me from thinking of myself as fairly smart. I have intelligent parent’s and relatives and I think that’s influenced me plenty. I do read and write a lot. I pick up a lot of things from books and movies and my father to be able to do those well, so much that I was able to conquer my fear of public speaking. Although it doesn’t apply all the time, I do pick up on things rather easily, making schoolwork lighter for me than most of my friends think so. Still, I don’t think that highly of myself in this matter. I am not special, and again, nothing above typical. II. Physical: 1 . ) Physically fit 3. ) Attractive 4. ) Has dimples Emotional: 1 . ) Emotionally stable 2. ) Intense with her feelings 3. ) Short-tempered 4. ) Sensitive 5. ) Happy-go-lucky Behavioral: 1 Careful 2. ) Competitive 3. ) Energetic 4. ) Perfectionist Social: 1 Friendly 2. ) Sociable 3. ) May come off as intimidating and difficult to approach Cognitive: 1 . Above average 2. ) Intelligent 3. ) Witty 4. ) Competitive Ill. For the Physical aspect of the survey, to everything aside from the typical â€Å"average height, brown shoulder-length hair†, I say â€Å"WHAT? † I was honestly laughing at the number of people who responded with ‘physically fit’ and ‘sexy, because not only is one of them awkward to read, I also don’t find the other one true at all. I always berate myself for my thighs and my arms and my belly that seem to be growing a hundred miles per hour. The responses in the survey make me think one of two things: 1 . Maybe it’s all in my head after all or 2. They’re Just saying that because they don’t want to make me feel bad. And to be honest, the second one seems a lot more plausible to me. Because, really, I can’t see this body as ‘physically fit’ at all. Other than that, almost everything else I read off the survey answers were pretty much things I’m aware of or I already knew about myself. It makes me think how transparent I really am of a person, even to people I haven’t been friends with for over a year. This fact assures me somehow, and I seem to take it as a good thing. Since Vie always hated people who are fake and ‘plastic’, two-faced people who only care about looking good in front of other people, it’s good to know that people are seeing me as I really am, even the rough spots and the dark sides, and that I’m not one of those people I absolutely loathe. It’s nice to know I haven’t completely turned into the person I swore I’d never become. You’d probably expect me to say something like â€Å"This survey activity has opened my eyes and inspired me to change, etc. † but no, that’s the exact opposite of what Vie realized. I realized that there’s really nothing to change after all. I already like everything myself, my short-temperateness, my faux icy demeanor, and even my that. Lastly, I thank my friends who responded honestly to this survey. I got to see how other people saw me, something Vie always been curious about, and I learned, based on how fast I ran out of survey forms, how many people I actually consider as friends who also see me the same way. Also, based on the fact that I’m still friends with these people, I realized how much they’ve accepted me, despite all my shortcomings as a person and as a friend. How to cite The Self in a Social World, Papers

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What makes a good meal an Example by

What makes a good meal A good meal is one that has the desirable qualities which distinguish it from ordinary meals (American Heritage Dictionary). Need essay sample on "What makes a good meal" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Therefore, a good meal should be tasteful, healthy and nicely served. This includes proper selection of ingredients, food preparation, cooking, garnishing and presentation and considering the time and environment of the meal. Making a good meal starts by selection of ingredients. Always select canned and dried food first. Cans should be intact i.e. no bulging, leaking or dentations. Sell-by date should be looked for in every purchase. Dry food (e.g. spices) should be well contained or enveloped (air-tight) to keep the flavor and aroma. The second purchase is for fresh vegetables and green herbs (e.g. parsley, green beans). Green vegetables should be vividly green with no yellow patches on leaves. The package should be uniform with no other herbs included. Finally, refrigerated food, poultry, fish or meat are the last to be selected. Any purchase that is felt worm to touch or packed in a leaking package should be discarded. Once at home, preparation of the meal starts by proper handli ng. The main objective is to prevent a possible food poisoning that may result from growth of bacteria. Therefore, always keep the food in the refrigerator till its use, keep every thing clean (utensils, hands, towels, cutting boards) and do not allow juices of fish, poultry or meat to reach readily prepared other ingredients. Marinating serves the purpose of tenderizing the meat so it cooks faster and become juicier. The basic elements of a marinade are a mixture of vinegar and/or lemon juice, a finely chopped onion, herbs and spices. Additional elements are added according to what is marinated are yogurt or wine for poultry, olive oil for fish and Soy sauce for meat. Spices (the dried parts of aromatic plants except the leaves) can be hot as dried hot chilies, black or white pepper or ginger or they can be mild as dry coriander. Fresh herbs (basil, mint, parsley) and spices serve to change basic foods into flavored ones. The best marinating methods is to put the marinade and the ingred ient in a nylon bag, mix well then squeeze to get the air out, tightly seal and put in the fridge for 2-4 hours. A good delicious meal does not necessarily mean that it should be unhealthy. A report released by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Academy of pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health; stated six rules for a healthy diet namely: A variety of food, mostly of plant origin should be included. A meal is to include starch in the form of bread, rice, pasta or cereals. A meal is to have low fat content ( Cooking methods are many. They include baking, boiling, grilling, roasting and steaming. Choosing a particular method depends on the flavors and nutrients one wants to keep without adding or consuming extra amounts of fat. Baking is used for cooking bread, potato and sweat potato in addition to poultry and fish. The concluding step of preparing a good meal is presentation. It does not only mean garnishing and preparing the plate, but it should occupy the five senses of the guest. Seeing or garnishing the plate, table clothes, and possibly flowers and/or candles. Accompanying soft music should occupy the sense of hearing. Smelling the aroma of the food, tasting the meal and the served beverage and touching whatever he/she can reach. The most important single item is garnishing the plate and it should start by the ingredients of the meal itself as regards colors texture of sauces and fresh green or colored vegetables added at the end. As regards the rim or edge of the plate, it can be decorated using a pt of red, yellow and green pepper or use cut pieces of vegetables (carrot, potato, or green beans) that are geometrically matching the main item in the plate. Always keep in mind that the additions should add color, flavor and preferably nutritious value to the meal. To practically apply the principles discussed, a baked fish fillet meal will be described: Selection: A good fish fillet is characterized by being moist, firm and elastic. It should have a fresh mild odor (fish odor comes with time). It should have fresh non colored or dry cut edges. Preparation: If fish fillet is bought frozen, it should be allowed to thaw gradually. Avoid thawing in room temperature. Ingredients: 1- Two tablespoons of olive oil. 2- Half a cup of finely chopped onion and another half a cup of chopped green bell pepper. 3- One tablespoon of all purpose flour. 4- Half tablespoon of fried marjoram leaves and a quarter tablespoon of thyme leaves. 5- One can of canned tomatoes. 6- One pound (4 pieces) of cod fish fillet. 7- Salt and black pepper to taste. Cooking: Put olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Put the chopped onion and stir till it becomes pinkish, then add green bell pepper. Add marjoram, thyme, salt and black pepper. Add the canned tomatoes gradually. Stir till the sauce is thickened. Get a baking dish, brush it with olive oil, and arrange the fish. Add the sauce and put in a preheated oven (400 degrees F) for 12-15 minutes. Works Cited American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. 4th edition. Pub. Houghton Mifflin e-reference. Tanne, J. H. One diet fits all. BMJ, 1999. 318: 1646